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A man of many talents, Lee was unsure which career to pursue when leaving school, but experience of physiotherapy after Athletics and Rugby injuries set him on a path from which he would never look back...

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Home > Physio's Blog > 'No Fear' Return to Fitness for 2014
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Have a 'fear-free' return to fitness in 2014!

19.12.13 - Feeling lethargic? Eaten too many mince pies over Christmas? Keen to get fit but worried about injury?

You're not alone. Lots of people long to return to fitness and it's often the New Year that sees us at our most motivated to make lifestyle changes. But for many people, little niggles or unexplained pain can be a barrier - holding them back from engaging in regular excercise and undermining confidence.

At Alderbank, we believe that exercise in one form or another is achievabe for everyone. Our physiotherapists offer a 'Musculoskeletal MOT', during which we assess how you move and your musculoskeletal strength and flexibility.

We can then identify a specific foundation of corrective exercises to help alleviate your niggles and correct muscle imbalances. We can also advise you on the safest and best way to exercise, based on your individual physical health, to ensure that you are not going to injure yourself.

Our excercises can be used alongside general exercises at gym/fitness class, on your own or with a personal trainer.

So, if you are put off exercise by aches and pains, don't be held back. Check yourself in for a musculoskeletal MOT - on offer at £30 during January - and take the first step back to fitness!