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A man of many talents, Lee was unsure which career to pursue when leaving school, but experience of physiotherapy after Athletics and Rugby injuries set him on a path from which he would never look back...

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'Ski-fit' Exercises: Help yourself avoid injury on the slopes


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Preparation: Strengthening Exercises

wall-squats Wall Squats Stand approximately 20cm from the wall. Slide down the wall to a comfortable position. Hold position for 20-30 seconds. Rest and repeat x 3.

Standing Ski Squats

Squat down into a ski position with knees just over the front of your feet. Do not let the knees drift together. Keep the knee aligned over the foot. Hold for 20 seconds. Repeat x 3.

progression-of-ski-squat Progression of Ski Squat Try the above exercise but also come onto your toes.
single-leg-squat-good Single Leg Squats - Correct Technique As for the squats but take your weight over onto one foot and slightly raise the opposite foot off the floor. Hold for x 10 seconds. Repeat x 5 each side.
single-leg-squat-bad Single Leg Squats - Poor Technique Do not let the knee dip across the mid line!
lunge-sideSide View Lunges One foot in front of the other in step standing and drop down into a lunge. Hold the position for 10 seconds. Repeat x 5 each side.
lunge-frontFront View Lunges Do not let the knee cross the mid line!
side-lunge-1 Side Lunge Drop down into side lunge position with your feet facing forwards. Hold x 5 seconds and then immediately go down onto the opposite side. Repeat x 10 reps.
side-lunge-2 Opposite Side Lunge
romanian-squat-lunge Romanian Squat Lunge Taking one foot forward, balance on the front foot and extend the opposite leg out behind you. Lean forward with one arm to touch the floor. Tryto hold the position for 5 secs and balance. Slowly return to standing. Repeat x 5 each side.
side-wall-dip-startStart Position Side Wall Dip Stand with one shoulder against the wall with feet approximately 20 cm away from the wall. Maintain a fist width gap between your feet and knees.
side-wall-dip-endEnd position Side Wall Dip Slowly slide down the wall into a mini squat. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat x 5 each side.
squat-jump-1 Squat Jumps Start in a mini squat and jump up and forward.
squat-jump-2 Squat Jumps Land the jump and let your knees bend.
squat-jump-3 Squat Jumps Hold the position like a gymnast does on a landing, prior to raising to standing. Repeat x 10. AVOID these if you have any wear and tear/OA in the joints.
side-jump Side Jumps As for the squat jumps but from one side to the other.
side-jump-2 Side Jumps Land the jump and hold the position for 2-3 seconds before rising. Repeat x 5 each way.
db-standing-turn1 Dumbell Standing Turns Stand in mini squat position and hold a dumbell out in front of your body. Keeping your knees and feet facing forward, turn your upper body and dumbell to the side. Hold for 2-3 seconds.
db-standing-turn2 Dumbell Standing Turns Then slowly turn through to the opposite side. Keep knees facing forwards. Repeat x 10.
step-drop-1 Step Drops Stand on a solid step, anything up to 18 inches high. Lean forward and drop down into a squat jump position.
step-drop-2 Step Drops Hold the landing position for 2-3 seconds. Repeat  x 10. AVOID this exercise if you suffer from OA knees/cartilage damage.
lateral-squat-1 Lateral Control Squat Stand on a hand towel on a slippery surface so the towel can slide. Drop down into a mini squat with knee and feet facing forwards.
lateral-squat-2 Lateral Control Squat Take your weight on one leg and slowly slide the non weight bearing foot into the weight bearing one, then back out to the side again.
lateral-squat-3 Lateral Control Squat Repeat x 10 each leg.

Whilst on Holiday: Stretches on the Slopes



In Standing, take your heel to your buttock and hold at the point of stretch for 10 secs. Repeat x 4-5 reps.


Hamstring In Standing, keeping your lower back straight, bend forward at the hip. Hold x 10 secs. Repeat x 4-5 reps

In Standing with knee straight and foot facing forwards, lean onto the front foot.  Feel the stretch in the calf.  Hold x 10 secs.  Repeat 4-5 reps.

Whilst on Holiday: Apres Ski


Lay on your front, take your heel to your bottom and hold the stretch for 10 seconds. Repeat x 4-5 reps.

Hamstrings and Adductors

Sitting with legs outstretched and parted. Lean forward so that you feel a comfortable stretch through the back of your legs. Hold x 10 seconds. Repeat x 4-5 reps.